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Consumer Cellular

If you watch TV there is a good chance you’ve come across the Consumer Cellular commercial. In their commercials they advertise their service as the right service for the more mature generation. In case you haven’t seen the commercial, here it is: They advertise rates as low as $10. Yes, they do have rates as [...]

Care Wireless

In addition to SafeLink Wireless and ReachOut wireless, Illinois residents that meet the income qualifications can receive free government cell phone along with free airtime from Care Wireless. Care Wireless is powered by Ptel (formerly Platinum Tel). As mentioned above, Care Wireless provides a free cell phone but they also provide 300 minutes of talk time [...]


Life Wireless is another phone service provider offering free government phones along with free airtime. They participate in the federal Lifeline/Link-Up program, which allows them to offer free government phones to qualified households. Being a regional provider, Life Wireless currently offers (as of January, 2015) service in the following states: Arizona Arkansas Colorado Georgia Illinois [...]

YourTel Wireless

If you live in Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Missouri, Maine, Kansas or Rhode Island and meet the eligibility criteria, you can obtain a free government phone from YourTel Wireless. YourTel participates in the government’s Lifeline program and offers free cell phones along with 250 minutes of free talk time. The 250 free talk minutes are [...]

Illinois Telephone Corporation

Low income Illinois and Indiana residents can sign up for discounted phone service through Illinois Telephone Corporation.  The discounted price includes local and long distance service along with Call Waiting and Caller ID. To qualify for one of Illinois Telephone Corporation’s discounted plans, you must be a recipient of at least one of the government [...]

Discounted Phone Service

Global Connection does not offer free government phones or cell phones, but as a participant in the government Lifeline Program, they are able to offer discounted phone service. If you qualify you can reduce your phone bill by $9.25 per month depending on the laws in your participating state. If you participate in any of [...]


If you’re considering a pre-paid phone service, you might want to think twice before you select Verizon as your service carrier especially if you're opting for the family plan. According to the recent article on ABC’s Action News, Verizon proved to be more expensive if you opted for their prepaid service than if you ha [...]